A Look At The Different Types Of Cranes You Can Rent

The access to a rental store is always going to give you a lot of opportunity as a business owner, but especially if the rental store offers crane rentals. Being able to rent such a large piece of equipment as it is needed for your business processes can completely change how you do business. Take a look at some of the different types of cranes that are available at most rental stores. 

Crawler Cranes 

Crawler cranes are more like the traditional crane that you know all about and have probably used for more than one type of project. These cranes are outfitted with a track-style platform so they can maneuver into place and stay stable while hoisting a large load. Crawler cranes can be rented manned or bare because they have an operating center on the equipment itself where the crane operator will sit as they control the crane. These cranes are good for everything from hoisting broken tree pieces to hoisting trusses during a construction project.  

Rough Terrain Cranes

Not every hoisting job you run into is going to be on a level, flat ground. In fact, there are always going to be those tougher jobs when you need a crane to be able to travel into rougher territory. For example, if you have materials you need to be hoisted to build a house in an area that is mountainous and rock, you may need a rough terrain crane to get the job done efficiently. 

Tower Cranes 

Usually fixed in a stationary position on the ground, a towering crane is an excellent resource to have when you are hoisting or moving something quite large. This is one of the biggest types of cranes available and provides the user with the perfect collaboration of height and lifting power to get big jobs done. You will usually see these cranes used in construction projects. For example, tower cranes are often used in the construction of high-rise buildings. 

Mini Cranes

If you have a small hoisting job to do in a residential or business setting, it may not be feasible to rent a really large crane. There are mini cranes available that are great for those smaller jobs on sites where there is not a lot of space to work with. These mini cranes, as they are often called, stand on a footed base for stability and are usually operated with a controller instead of with a control center inside the crane itself. 

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